The Ultimate Distance Learning Experience

An interactive video solution for AI-based personal learning
analysis and customized education

Frustrated with conventional,
non-interactive distance
learning tools? 

Traditional online tools often lack compatibility with your existing educational resources.
Engaging students can be a daunting task due to the scarcity of real-time interactions and assessments.

Unleash Your Learning Potential

With GENICLASS, you have the power to learn anytime, anywhere, and express your thoughts and answers effortlessly using GENIPEN. We are introducing a revolutionary online education experience.
Say goodbye to traditional paper-based math problems and hello to real-time interaction with your teacher as you write.

GENICLASS goes beyond by storing your learning data for analysis and improvement, allowing you to track your progress and achieve your potential. Experience a new era in education with GENICLASS and GENIPEN – your journey to smarter, more effective learning.

Simple and User-Friendly Learning Solution for Both Students and Teachers!

Automatic Grading & Analysis

Our AI assistant can handle automatic grading while providing insightful assessments of each student’s strengths and areas for improvement

Tailored Diagnosis and Coaching

Your learning data, both online and offline, is automatically stored and analyzed without any the need for additional software installation. Our AI tutor provides guidance and tips tailored to your learning progress and areas that need improvement.

Real-Time Digital Conversion

GENIPEN can convert any type of handwriting(letters, numbers, and symbols) in real time into digital text on your online learning platform.

Real-Time Evaluation

Teachers can actively oversee students’ handwritten answers and provide immediate, live responses.

are easy to navigate! 

GENICLASS works on all devices and OS, with no need for software installation, thanks to WebRTC and WebBLE technology.

Discover a new way to Learn with GENIPEN, the Web Bluetooth Smart Pen – simply turn it on and begin writing!

GENIPEN converts your handwritten text on a notebook into digital text on the screen.
See what others are writing and interact while learning!

GENIPEN Specification

Storage media

100MB of internal memory.


Rechargeable Li-po battery 3.7V/280mAh.

Charging time

About 90 minutes.
6 hours 30 minutes for continuous use.

Usage time

17 hours for average use.

Size & Weight

Length : 149.6mm(without pen cap).


10.4~10.9mm/17.6g(without pen cap). 



GENIPEN Function

The optical sensor reads and stores the coordinates of the Ncode on the paper.


Your customized learning management system with a perfect match of data and innovative technology!

Change Everything without
Changing Anything!

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